Programs & Resources

The RSSP works every day to improve, advocate, and promote a vital and vibrant R Street Corridor. Through the various activities and programs funded by the R Street PBID, the RSSP is addressing area improvements to safety, cleanliness, public policy and marketing that is helping existing businesses and attracting new investments to the corridor.

R Street Sacramento Partnership Annual Report measures the progress of RSSP key services, residential and retail market development and area improvements:

Enhanced Area Maintenance

Evident and impactful, the enhanced maintenance program keeps R Street attractive through services such as graffiti removal, litter pickup, and sidewalk power washing. Also, the security program includes a private security patrol provided by Blue Knight Security and coordination efforts with law enforcement agencies. These vital enhanced services are essential to creating a clean and safe environment for existing and future business on R Street.

Promotion and Events

RSSP is working to develop and support arts, culture and entertainment with the corridor. Although the budget and program is small, the RSSP is using partnerships and sponsorship to help promote and advertise of the area. The R Street Website, as an example is a partnership with CADA and the RSSP. Additionally, the RSSP is utilizing social media platforms and earned media to spread the word that R Street is pedestrian-friendly destination for shopping, dining, and entertainment that supports our local businesses.

Monthly Newsletter

Advocacy / Development Catalyst

The RSSP provides a strong and organized voice for R Street property and business owners in the City and Region. The RSSP and staff represent the District in front of public bodies, advocate for additional funding for the area, advocate for additional public services vital to the well-being of the District.

10th – 13th Street Maintenance for New Improvements

Recently completed capital improvements constructed on R Street between 10th and 13th Streets need enhanced maintenance as required the City of Sacramento. These maintenance responsibilities include electricity for signage installations and entry features, and maintenance of benches, bike racks and decorative lighting. These services will be provided exclusively in the three block area of R Street between 10th and 13th Streets.

Please contact the RSSP for more information regarding services available to property and business within the PBID Boundaries.

R Street Partnership
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