Sarah Perez

Name:  Sarah Perez

Title:  Maker

Organization/Business(s):  electric sun creatives by Sarah Perez

Social Media:  @electricsuncreatives


What do you do on R Street and how did you get here?

It all started with my husband spending the night outside the night before the WAL applications were due. I believe he was 26th in line. We had been following the developments of the Warehouse Artist Lofts for months and were dreaming about what life would be like if we called it home. I create mobiles and wall hangings from brass sheet and I have so much gratitude in saying that our master bedroom turned studio at WAL is where it all happens. Having that space to work has been a game changer for me.

What attracted your firm / business / brand to the district? 

The ridiculous opportunity to live and work at the warehouse artists lofts brought my work and my family of three here. This area meets everyone of our family’s needs, to name a few: the ability to create, collaborate, eat amazing food, and walk to parks nearby.

What is a day in the life of Sarah Perez on R Street like? 

I wear many hats, including full time mom to our three-year old, as well as working and making from home. The days and weeks vary so much, from days spent painting and taking walks with my daughter, to full-on work mode where I’m able to lock myself in the studio and make like the dickens. On work days, I usually start out refilling my supplies pile either at ABC Metal, or my pals at Capital Ace & Capital City Beads. I have mad love for these locally-owned stores.

What’s your favorite moment/memory of the R Street Corridor so far? 

The first R Street Block Party was a big moment for my family and I. It was the first year of living at WAL and the first Maker’s Mart showing my brass sheet wall hangings. It was a big deal for me, being a part of something so special in my city, with so many of my neighbors.

What are your thoughts on the future of R Street? 

I love this new life that’s coming to the area and can’t wait to see more people pursing their passion projects. I hope this area continues to be a place where new ideas blossom.

What would you like to see for R Street in the future?

More places to make and show art publicly, outside of one’s home would be amazing; some sort of collaborative art space.

What business/person/item/piece of artwork/etc. on R Street inspires you? 

I’m amazed by what the creatives and business owners have done in the WAL public market. I also love the public art that is littered along these streets. It adds a richness to the neighborhood, that’s for sure. I miss the floral piece that was right near Fox and goose.

It’s 5 pm and you’re craving something delicious on R Street, where do you go and what do you get? 

A big bowl of tan tan men from Shoki is a no-brainer.

If you could add one thing to R Street, what would it be? 

As I mentioned above, a collaborative art space where tools are accessible and collaborations can be fostered.

What makes the R Street Corridor an important place in Sacramento?

The fact that the aim is to pen this area as the Arts District is huge for our city. It’s a dream to have a place to where you can walk from one art venue to the next.

Describe R Street in 10 words or less.

The life that’s here: the reason to move to Sacramento.

What are the Credo/Quote/Words that you live by?

Work hard & be kind.

What should we know about Sarah Perez outside of your work on R Street? (Hobbies, life, life aspirations etc. anything you want to share) 

Believe it or not our whole world is centered around this little neighborhood. Not only do we live and work here but our community that we love dearly, Society Church, is just down the street at Beatnik, two of the best parks are within walking distance, and our favorite restaurants are so close. We walk or bike everywhere. It’s a dream!